Recognizing WiFi Technology

Recognizing WiFi Technology

Recognizing WiFi technology – WiFi technology is back in development. This time around, the newest WiFi technology prepares to be imported in several devices. The technology, called 802.11ax, is declared to change 802.11ac which is used today. Of course, the newest WiFi AX technology has various benefits.

Inning accordance with PC MAG, WiFi AX technology can provide better network rates, and can load more devices on one network. AX’s WiFi technology is said to deliver rates of up to 4.8GBps on routers and 1.8GBps on customers.

Of course, keeping that speed a variety of tasks that require large bandwidth such as having fun games or doing live streaming.

Recognizing WiFi Technology
Recognizing WiFi Technology

Wi-Fi AX

WiFi AX technology has a better MIMO system. Routers that use this technology can choose which customers need one of the most bandwidth so that the network and bandwidth allotment to every customer will be made the most of Recognizing WiFi technology .

Optimization of WiFi AX technology is said to be 34% better compared to WiFi AC technology used today.

WiFi AX works with 2 range bands of cordless networks, specifically 2.4GHz and 5GHz, and can be used with devices with WiFi technology at first.

However, to use its complete power, you must use a gadget that currently supports this technology either in regards to customers or routers.

Kind of Wi-fi Technology

Essentially, WiFi technology is constantly changing every 4 or 5 years. Aside from WiFi AX and AC, there are actually various other WiFi technologies such as WiFi P, WiFi AD, and WiFi U. All these technologies are seldom used because they are not effective. For instance, WiFi P which has very broadband but has bad indicate infiltration.

Routers with WiFi AX technology will come later on this year, while their application on customer devices will just followed year.