Vespa Refreshes All Products Using New Colors

Vespa Refreshes All Products Using New Colors

Vespa refreshes all products using new colors – the various new colors that exist are expected to increase choices for meaningful Vespa enthusiasts and produce a unique driving experience so that everyday movement is more enjoyable and colorful,” said Ayu Hapsari, PR & Interactions Supervisor of PT Piaggio Indonesia with interest.

Vespa LX and Vespa S

The tiniest line-up of the Vespa is associated with the more youthful generation that currently show up vibrant and stylish many thanks to the new colors of both kinds.

Vespa Refreshes All Products Using New Colors
Vespa Refreshes All Products Using New Colors

In the Vespa LX 125 i-get collection, there are 2 new colors that steal attention. Specifically Grey Delicato which appearances enjoyable and advanced, and Red Passione which is bright and attractive.

On the other hand, the Vespa S 125 i-get collection, which has a more stylish mood, is currently available in 3 attractive colors. They are Yellow Single with a fresh yellow appearance, Grey Materia which appears mystical and reliable, and Orange Tramonto which is beautiful and shady at the same time Vespa refreshes all products using new colors.

Vespa Primavera & Vespa Primavera S

The Inspiring Design Known as a resource of style and design inspiration since its creation, the Vespa Primavera follows its passion and design every now and then.

In 2022, the Vespa Primavera 150 i-get ABS is back with new colors that take note of attention, specifically Green Unwind which gives a fresh and elegant impression at the same time.

The upgraded appearance finishes the collection of strong colors on the Vespa Primavera, specifically Orange Tramonto and Grey Materia. On the other hand, for a sportier variation, there’s the Vespa Primavera S 150 i-get ABS.

The variation comes with a unique mix of elegant and modern design in 4 spectacular color variants; White Innocenza, Grey Delicato, Off-white Avvolgente, and Blue Estroverso.

Particularly the last 2 new colors, Vespa gives an unique personality from each various other. Off-white Avvolgente as the embodiment of artisanal art with meticulous information, and Blue Estroverso with a vibrant mix of modern and moderate design that motivates a design declaration for anybody that rides it.

Vespa Sprint & Vespa Sprint S

Difficult and Stylish Regularly maintaining self-confidence, passion and guts in the Vespa DNA for greater than 60 years, the Vespa Sprint is again stunning with its vibrant new range of colours.

Vespa Sprint has 2 collection, specifically Vespa Sprint & Vespa Sprint S. For the Vespa Sprint 150 i-get ABS collection, Vespa provides 3 attractive colors, specifically Grey Materia as a depiction of Italian workmanship and commitment that’s strong and luxurious, and Blue Estroverso with blue information. vibrant and filled with shocks, and the Yellow Single made up of a brilliant yellow finish that stands for unparalleled and incomparable radiance.

This color was birthed to be the focal point and support a young, wise and strong personality, a real representation of the Vespa biker. Switching to the Vespa Sprint S 150 i-get ABS collection which has a difficult personality, Vespa presents Green Tenace as the newest color variation inspired by the green of the exotic tropical jungle.