Understanding technology according to experts, know benefits and kinds

Understanding technology according to experts, know benefits and kinds

Understanding Technology According to experts, know benefits and kinds, in today’s age of technological development, many communities have made use of technology in their daily activities. Various sectors have already used technology to aid its activities.

In general, understanding technology is the science that learned the skills of creating tools down to the processing methods to help accomplish human work. Even experts have their own understanding of technology.

Understanding technology according to experts, know benefits and kinds to find out more about the understanding of technology by experts, its merits and its kind, free.com has summarized it from multiple sources. Here’s the full coverage.

Understanding technology according to experts, know benefits and kinds
Understanding technology according to experts, know benefits and kinds

Technological understanding according to experts

  • Capra
    Understanding technology is one of the systematic discussions of applied or carpentry arts. It refers to the literature of the Greek allusion to prophegia that is derived from the techne word meaning the wacana of art.
  • Manuel Castells
    Understanding technology is a collection of tools, rules and also procedures that apply a scientific knowledge to a particular job in a condition that allows for repetition.
  • Toynbee
    Understanding technology isa characteristic of the existence of a human glory, in which it proves that man cannot live only to eat but requires much more.
  • Gary J. Anglin
    Understanding technology is the application of sciences of behavior and nature as well as other knowledge by systemically and systemically solving human problems.
  • Merriam Webster
    Technology is an application of practical knowledge especially in some areas; How to complete a task is primarily by using technical processes, methods, or knowledge; As well as special aspects of certain types of business.
  • Jacques Ellil
    Understanding technology is the whole method that rationally leads to and characterizes efficiency in each human activity.
  • Miarso
    Understanding technology is a process that enhances value. A successful process may use or produce a particular product, in which a product is not separate from the existing one. It also states that technology is a part of certain systems.

Benefit of technology

In today’s world, technological growth is accelerating. Various communities also use technology to help with their daily work. There are some technological benefits that you should know about, among other things.

1. To assist and facilitate human activities.
2. Can relieve the human work.
3. Adding to the job.
4. Can be easily operated.
5. Can be used by any number of circles.

Types of technology

Enables some types of technology, among other things:
1. Information technology, a technology that can help humans to pass information to others quickly and effectively.
2. Communication technology, which is a technology that can help humans communicate with one another, where they are transmitting information to one another using a particular device.
3. The educational technology, the technology connected with the educational world, where its activities utilize certain AIDS.
4. The technology of transport, a technology that helps humans to move from one location to another quickly.
5. Medical technology, a technology having to do with medical science, has already taken advantage of medical technology.
6. Construction technology, a technology that relates to the structure of buildings.